2022-23 Board Meetings

July 11th  
August 8th  
August 22nd
September 12th 
September 26th
October 10th 
October 24th
November 14th  
November 28th
December 12th
January 9th  
January 23rd
Feburary 13th 
Feburary 27th
March 13th 
March 27th
April 10th 
April 24th
May 9th 
May 22nd 
June 12th 
June 26th

Board Policies

The link below provides public access to all of the District's board policies - the easiest way to find what you need is to use the search bar above. For example, if you're looking for information related to the district's attendance policies, just type in the word "attendance" in the search bar. Alternately, you can click the link below to manually search all district policies and procedures.

Deer Park School District Policies & Procedures