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Board Policies
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Welcome to the Asotin - Anatone School Board

We encourage you to actively participate in the educational affairs and governing of our public schools. The decisions of your elected Board affect your child, your child's future and in the long run, the well being of your community. 
Our meetings are open to the entire community and are typically scheduled on the fourth Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 6 p.m. in the High School Library located at 215 2nd Street in Asotin, Washington. Exceptions to this schedule are published on the website.

The “Meeting Agendas” menu selection at the left links you to the topics set for each meeting’s agenda. Efforts to ensure both sides of an issue are heard are important to the School Board.

  • Individuals may share suggestions or concerns regarding business items on the agenda. Comments should be less than 3 minutes.
  • Groups of community members sharing the same opinion wishing to comment are encouraged to work with staff to ensure a presentation no longer than 10 minutes.

Community members may also comment on matters not scheduled on a meeting agenda:

  • Comments may be made in person during the Public Comment period at each School Board meeting using the parameters listed above for agenda topics.
  • Written comments may be sent in care of the School Board at Asotin-Anatone Schools, PO Box 489, Asotin, Washington 99402. Comments are also accepted by Email at the  links listed below to reach School Board members individually or as a group.

School Board– Email to reach all School Board members with a single message.  District 420 encompasses the South Eastern corner of Asotin County for the cities of Asotin out to Anatone Washington.

Please Note: School Board members may not engage in direct conversation but if you wish an answer to a specific question, please let us know and staff will be happy to contact you after the meeting.

Functions of the Board

 Although members of the School Board are elected locally, they are state officers responsible for governing a political subdivision of the state. The Board operates independently of city and county governments but cooperates with them. The Board is a policy-making body and, within the framework of state law, exercises complete control over the educational and financial affairs of the school district.

Among its numerous duties, the Board adopts an annual budget and approves all expenditures; employs personnel; approves curriculum textbooks and courses of study; and makes decisions on school sites, building plans and construction contracts.
School Board members have no power to act individually in the name of the Board. Action can be taken only when the Board is meeting in formal session with a majority of its members present. Under this sound principle, each member can reserve judgment on each matter until he/she has had an opportunity to hear the recommendations of the superintendent and to discuss it with other Board members. The Board recognizes that it has an obligation to the people of the Asotin School District to plan the best possible program of education and to expend revenues wisely. The Board also recognizes it has a unique function to interpret the schools to the community and the community to the schools.


Contact Information:

Asotin-Anatone School District
319 Second Street
PO Box 489
Asotin, WA 99402

District Office:

Dale Bonfield

Business Manager:
Julie Hancock

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the District Office
at 509-243-1100.