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North Mason School Board

Board Meetings
Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 6:30 pm in the board room of the district office building located at 71 E. Campus Dr., Belfair.  Please click here to read our guidelines to help understand how our board meetings work under Policy Governance.
Board Policies
All current NMSD Board Policies are available online.  To find specific policies, click here and look at the Table of Contents that leads each series. Then just click on the blue series number to access that Table of Contents.  From there you can view and print each policy/procedure.
New Policy/Procedure Search Capability
If you aren't sure where to look, click here to leave the NMSD website and be directed to TransACT website.  Once you are at the website you will enter the username and the password public.  Click on "Browse Folders".  In the upper left corner you will see a file folder called North Mason Resources, click to open.  From there you can choose to search in District Policies and Bargaining Agreements. To search, use the blue "Search Here" box to begin.
Instructions for Citizen Participation at Board Meetings
The NMSD Board of Directors values the opinion and input of the community. This is an opportunity for the public to offer comments or issues whether or not they are on the agenda. On matters of the day to day operation of the district such as policy, curriculum, academic standards, etc. the public is invited and encouraged to meet with the Superintendent.
- Public Comments On Agenda Items - Please sign in, state your name and limit comments to two minutes
- Announcements and Comments: Public

Please call the NMSD Administration Office at (360) 277-2300 if you have any questions or need help with this feature.


Art Wightman
Director, District 1
800 NE Twin Lakes Road
Tahuya, WA 98588
(360) 275-6396

Leanna Krotzer
 Director District 2
 1177 NE Mission Creek Road
Belfair, WA  98528
 (360) 275-4823 

Laura Boad
Director, District 3
NE 260 Riverhill Drive
Belfair, WA 98528
(360) 275-3301

John Campbell
 Director, District 4
PO Box 2230
Belfair, WA 98528
(360) 275-0443

Craig Patti
Director, District 5
330 E. Sterling Dr.
Allyn, WA 98524

(360) 790-1472

Dana Rosenbach
Superintendent and Secretary to the Board
Office: (360) 277-2300